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Merits Aurora S2 3 Wheel, 4 Wheel and 4 Wheel Hill Climber


The Aurora S2 comes in 3 versions.

The Aurora S2 (4 wheel). This is a neat, powerful and versatile scooter. It has loop handle bars for easy finger and thumb throttle operation and a built in emergency switch for safety and stability around the corners. With adjustable suspension, large wheels and a larger motor; this scooter is made for proper travel. With a separate emergency brake, great ground clearance and massive batteries this scooter will give a 40-50 Km range with comfort and style.

The Aurora S2 (4 Wheel) HC. This is the Aurora S2 (4 wheel) which has been specially designed to climb steeper hills and driveways.

The Aurora S2 (3 wheel) has all the specifications of the 4 wheel model except the use of a single wheel at the front. A number of riders find a 3 wheel scooter easier to maneuver and it can also suit their riding style. This scooter is powerful with a great range, and as it is a Merits, you can be assured of quality.

The Aurora S2 is available in Red, Blue and Sandstone yellow.

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  • Loop handlebars
  • Adjustable Suspension
  • Large 12″ wheels
  • Larger 4 Pole Motor
  • Separate Emergency Brake
  • Half speed switch cuts in when turning
  • High/Low Setting for high traffic areas
  • easy to access 12 volt socket


  • Max speed:   12 Kph
  • Max speed HC:   10 Kph
  • Range:   40-50 Km
  • Turn radius:   1610 mm
  • Ground Clearance:    130 mm
  • Motor:   DC 24, 400 W, 1750 W (max)
  • Controller:   Rhino 2 168A
  • Battery:   12volt, 60-85 Amp/h x 2 pce
  • Charger:   8A offboard
  • Gradient:   12 degrees
  • Wheels:   294 mm
  • Brake:   Electromagnetic plus emergency brake

3 Wheel model

The 3 wheel model has a single front wheel instead is two

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