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Check out Brisbane’s powerchair football league

  We usually think of soccer (or football) as a sport played on grass in muddy boots, but Brisbane has a strong community of players in powerchairs too. Powerchair football…

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Introducing the new Freerider FR1

  If you're on the lookout for a new scooter with a bit more power to handle steeper climbs, Scooters Australia Brisbane has a brand new model perfect for the…

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NSW man fined $1100 for towing boat with scooter

Despite his "research" on using a scooter while unlicensed, 35-year-old Shane Swancott of Belmont, NSW, decided to take his boat for a 1km drive along the Pacific Highway while causing…

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87-year-old British woman gets scooter thanks to kindness of strangers

87-year-old Molly Hutchins was hobbling through Stevenage on her walking frame when she was spotted by passer-by, Alan Bas. She said she didn't have enough money for an electric scooter…

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Not again! Another scooter let loose on the road

  Last week, we brought you the story of a woman in Japan driving in the middle of a busy road. On Tuesday, another woman was found driving her scooter…

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Granny shows us how not to drive

  A woman in Hadano, Japan provided a great demonstration of how not to drive a scooter this week. In the video below, the woman drives her scooter in the…

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A 72kph scooter? Sorry, not on our roads

For those who think their scooter could do with a little more grunt, be careful what you wish for! A Perth man has advertised his modified mobility scooter online for…

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Merry Christmas With Love, Cheer, Joy, Gifts And Thoughtfulness

Blue Badge tips for your Scooters Australia Scooter

While mobility scooters users need the respect of pedestrians and drivers in order to operate their equipment in a safe manner, driving a scooter is a two-way street. It’s important…

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